x2 has two resident artist-tutors who guide and support, offering their experience and expertise. Both are current practising artists who exhibit widely and each has a background in teaching.


They are passionate about the use of sketchbooks and encourage experimentation tempered with controlled practice.


Informal tutorials in art history and artists’ techniques and approaches feature as an intrinsic component of each day.


“I loved every minute and have learnt so much. Fabulous environment to work in. Virg and Wendy are inspiring teachers.”


The joy of two artists-tutors is that you can have the opportunity to explore two different approaches and incorporate artistic elements finding out what suits your own style.

All things said about art are subject to contradiction - David Bomberg

Wendy Roylance MA


“the creative process is deeply personal; how one thinks and feels determines how one sees and responds”

"Wendy approached the classes with infectious enthusiasm and passion. She is clearly a very knowledgeable artist and transmitted these attributes to us in a motivating, encouraging and fun way. We would thoroughly recommend these classes to anyone wanting to paint irrespective of age and experience."

                                                                                                                             Jules Coombes, Gers

Wendy's work has developed from a background career in fashion and graphics, working on magazines and as a fashion directorin New York. She is an expressive abstract artist whose art focuses on fragility and transcience. Her work of figures and landscapes emphasises colour, texture, line and favours mixed-media - often incorporating print and collage.


Mark-making is key to Wendy's work; its expressive and gesturing quality

reflects an individual and personal relationship with her materials and chosen

subject matter.


Wendy lives and works in Kenya and France. 



                                              Virginia Griffith-Jones 


                                              “learn by doing”

"Virg is a joyful teracher. Her classes are informative, liberating and encouraging. It's always exciting to face a new challenge in a calm and unpressurised atmosphere."

                                                                                                                          Toni Yardley, Kent

Virginia has worked as an artist for over 40 years, previously having been in advertising.


 Her work is a continuous development of her ability to capture and reproduce a theme in a dynamic mix of spontaneity and control; using pattern, shape and colour. Her work has developed from traditional roots using watercolour and she now works in all mediums combining classical themes and the abstract.


Virginia lives in Kent.                                        


“I feel I’ve made real progress this week – it has consolidated knowledge I already had and added more, Thanks for a great holiday.”

“…well balanced instruction – positive reinforcement and encouragement.”


“I realised at the end how much ground we had covered and how every afternoon I’d been taken out of my comfort zone! Very good for me.”