"I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart." - Vincent Van Gogh







x2 select inspiring locations for their art holidays and courses; with its heart in Les Chênes Farmhouse, Southwest France, for its ever-changing light and beauty.


Kent and Devon also feature regularly on our calendar. Kenya is a new location, as of November 2019, offering artists and non-artist partners the chance to experience creativity and game drives. 

Future venues include Italy  and Japan.

“Great atmosphere at Les Chênes. Perfect hosts, in a beautiful location. Fab week all round.”



 Holidays and Courses



x2 have been running painting and art holidays and short courses since 2004 and believe that creativity can blossom when feeling relaxed and inspired.


Beginners through to practising artists work alongside each other, in small groups.


The holidays are structured to suit individuals; personal direction and support is given by the two artist-tutors and there is opportunity for freedom in independent work.


“Great information before and during…….Lovely to receive the follow up reminders and tips…..”


“……immediately put me at ease. A nice way to meet the group.”








x2 has two resident artist-tutors who guide and support, offering their experience and expertise.


Both are current practising artists who exhibit widely and each has a background in teaching.


They are passionate about the use of sketchbooks and encourage experimentation tempered with controlled practice.


Informal tutorials in art history and artists’ techniques and approaches feature as an intrinsic component of each day.


“I loved every minute and have learnt so much. Fabulous environment to work in. Virg and Wendy are inspiring teachers.”